The Zhejiang Jinhua Procuratorate has filed charges against three computer game hackers, accusing them of "destroying a computer information network". This is the first time that the procuratorate department has used such charge against hackers.

According to China's Xinhua, a man surnamed Qi, one of the three suspects, compiled a computer program that could be used to block game players' accounts. Qi then passed the program to his friend Chen for him to place the program on the Internet cafe management system of the Jinhua Public Security Bureau to illegally acquire the account details of "Miracle" players.

From December 2004 to January 2005, the two men and another suspect surnamed Zeng illegally logged into the management system of the public security department many times and stole accounts and virtual assets to make a online profit.

Because there is no specific law covering virtual Internet assets, the procuratorate department has decided to charge the three with "destroying a computer information network".


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