CNY3999 has been the lowest mainland Chinese price for laptop computers since Xinlan launched its CNY3999 laptop computer at the beginning of 2005. But this price has now been undercut by Shenzhou.

Shenzhou this week launches its Tianyun P180C laptop computer priced at only CNY1880.

The Shenzhou Tianyun P180C adopts Intel's 1.8G processor, 14.1 inch liquid crystal monitor, 128M storage, and 20GB hard disk. It has also a disk drive, 56K modem, five USB 2.0 access points and S-Video output.

Dell has dropped prices and offered rebates on its laptop models outside of China, but has yet to substantially drop prices on the mainland. Shenzhou's new low-priced model might soon cause price changes among other laptop manufacturers.



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