Hisense Group announced that its Xinjiang-based factory, which is regarded as the first color television manufacturing base in this region, began production in Kashi last week.

In line with its strategy to globalize the Hisense brand, five countries near Xinjiang in central Asia serve as the company's key markets. Since 2003, Hisense has not only profited economically but has also established a positive brand image. Hisense has already sold 100,000 televisions in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The company's market share has exceeded 50%.

The gradual stabilization of the political situation and the regional economy's continuous development in these central Asian countries will provide better opportunities for the sale of Hisense home appliances.

In order to reduce the cost of Hisense products, enhance its ability to be competitive, and expedite market response, Hisense decided to establish a TV manufacturing plant in Kashi. Through taking advantage of areas like manufacturing, designing, purchasing and the experience in domestic marketing, introducing advanced management skills, craft and quality-controlling technology, Hisense will gradually turn this factory into a joint-venture company integrating manufacturing, sales and services.


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