Qiao Xing's (XING) subsidiary, CEC Telecom has joined with the telecommunications operator China Communication and technology supplier Shenzhen Rongine to manufacture and market the first batch of satellite navigation terminal products, including GPS/GSM mobile phones, that are in line with Chinese national standards.

With the technological support from Rongine, CEC Telecom (CECT) will manufacture at least 500,000 units of GPS/GSM mobile phones for China Communication to launch to the China market on an annual basis.

Multiple functions of the new GPS phones make it more useful than the GPS receivers that currently exist.


  1. please i bought a cect mobilephone of chinese make but it does not work on internate and please its cd is in chinese i dont know how to use it .am in sudan. can u send abook about the use of this phone in english language?


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