(NTES) has filed a lawsuit in Beijing's Haidian District court, saying that the consumer advocacy website published an article that libeled

In January 2004 Netease launched an online game called "Duo Bao Qi Bing" in which players were invited to bid for goods and prizes. A man surnamed Han supposedly spent CNY40000 via the game but did not get any goods. Later he wrote an article called "The Inside Story of Online Gambling!?" that criticized "Duo Bao Qi Bing", and he wrote that the game was made by Netease to intentionally cheat Internet users of their money.

In its petition to the court, Netease says that has caused Netease economic losses in China. Netease also says that never confirmed whether Han's statements were true or false.

However, Zhao Wenbin, president of, has told local media he can provide evidence to prove the statements made in the article. Zhao says his company has sent four faxes to Netease for a consultation on the matter, but the latter has not replied. was started by legendary Chinese consumer advocate Wang Hai, who often makes headlines with his brash approach to ensuring Chinese consumers are treated fairly by both government and businesses.


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