Jiang Yaoping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), has voiced six measures and principles that the Chinese government will adhere to so that China's Internet development can continue to grow at a quick pace.

He made the remarks late last week during the 2005 China Internet Conference held in Beijing.

The first measure would be to continue to strengthen network infrastructures and gradually improve Internet popularity while reducing the digital gap among different economic classes of poeple.

Next, China would constantly enrich information resources and applications, especially in social fields.

Enhancing network and information security while ensuring that "healthy" information was available was a third principle.

Along with security, Jiang said enforcing administrative oversight over the development of Internet companies and institutions would bring about a more cohesive Internet community.

The fifth measure stresses the importance of industry associations and how self-discipline within the industry is vital.

Finally, Jiang says enhanced international and regional cooperation on issues of information security, content, and new applications can bring China and its neighbors a beter Internet-driven world.


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