The management of Taiding (Tianjin) Sci-tech Environment Protection Company has begun taking shape in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area Industrial Chemical Zone. Upon completion, the company will house an electronic waste processing and recycling base with the largest capacity in northern China.

The company will be capable of consuming up to 30,000 tons of electronic waste annually.

In the future, all waste from Tianjin and even those from northern China will be shipped to this center to make hazardous materials environmentally-friendly and to recycle waste.

Over 30,000 tons of electronic waste is produced in Tianjin every year, among which industrial waste and household appliance waste takes up to 50% of the total.

Taiding (Tianjin) Sci-tech Environment Protection Company invested CNY100 million to construct the electronic waste processing center. It will mainly process various kinds of electronic waste, including disposed electronic chips, computer motherboards, cables, wires, and other electronic components. It also separates worthy metals, like gold, silver and Pd and extracts other industrial versatile metals like zinc, iron and copper, from the feed-in waste.

After waste de-metallization, the mixture of chips, boards and cables are further processed and churned into raw materials that meet the utilization standards of the electronics industry. Meanwhile, dregs and sediment, as recycling by-products, are inflexed with additives to make contemporary materials necessary for cement production.

At the final stage, the unusable remnants are compounded with influx and mould into specially made floor tiles for construction purposes.

After the above treatments, the general electronic waste can be made completely harmless; over 90% of materials will be reusable.


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