Mobile 365 has set up its third operation in Guangzhou, following its successful foray into the cities of Beijing and


China is the largest mobile market in the world, with more than 363 million mobile subscribers, surpassing fixed-line subscribers at 337 million.

With existing direct SMS connections to both China Mobile and China Unicom, and connectivity to China Mobile MMS, Mobile 365 has now achieved WAP connectivity with Shanghai Mobile enabling WAP billing in Shanghai.

In China, it is not possible to bill via PSMS for GPRS content delivery. Operators demand that 2G content, like monophonic ring tones and logos, must be billed by PSMS; GPRS delivered content like polyphonic ring

tones and wallpaper via WAP or MMS; and JAVA/BREW content via the China Mobile JAVA billing platform or equivalent China Unicom Brew network.


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