China's Ministry of Information Industry has released a notice on its website requiring all concerned telecommunication enterprises to ensure that by October 30 they are able to monitor and suppress illegal information and content that is spread via mobile phones.

The Ministry of Information Industry's (MII) "Notice on Further Strengthen the Spreading and Ordering of Unhealthy Information on the Mobile Communications Network" says that pornographic and "superstitious" content in short text messages (SMS) are rampant in the mobile communications network.

Those companies who fail to suppress illegal information or continue to spread "unhealthy information" may face severe punishment. The MII notice also says that companies should police themselves and strengthen their internal procedures.

MII says its rules are also applicable to words, voice, graphic and video information spread via fixed phone and other telephone terminals.

Superstitious content in the past has applied to the spread of content concerning banned organizations like Falungong.


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