China Telecom (CHA) says it will use SkyStream's zBand PUSH video-on-demand (VOD) platform in addition to SkyStream's suite of IP video networking solutions to expand its rural Internet and video-on-demand service to remote areas.

China Telecom plans to extend broadband Internet and video services from the headend in its Shanghai Satellite division, and offer video-on-demand, video conferencing and Internet-on-demand in remote areas via satellite where broadband services are not currently available.

China Telecom plans to roll out the on-demand, satellite-based services nationwide over the next 10 years to serve the 75 percent of the Chinese population that currently lives in rural areas. Over three-fourths of China is covered by mountains, desert and forest, which preclude extensive communications coverage from fiber terrestrial networks.

SkyStream will provide digital broadcasting capabilities, IP streaming over satellite and PUSH video-on-demand using its Source Media Router (SMR), Edge Media Router (EMR), micro-Edge Media Router and E-manager to manage the delivery of video and data assets to and among multiple sites, as well as direct support and sales training.

zBand PUSH VOD uses a client-server architecture to schedule, manage and deliver high-quality content to multiple service provider sites or to millions of customers simultaneously over broadband or broadcast networks. With zBand, service providers have the power to manage content, bandwidth and networks in a single software platform.


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