China's Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Information Industry and the China Banking Regulatory Commission have announced the beginning of a nationwide campaign against illegal wireless short messages (SMS).

Wu Heping, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Public Security, has told local media that the three ministries will focus on straightening out five types of illegal short messages that spread behavior that directly harm the public's interest and cause bad social influences.

Those type of messages are sending short messages in the name of a bank to steal consumers' money or property, which is also called phishing; sending messages that contain pornographic images, gambling information, violent content or terrorist-related content or lure people to commit crimes; sending messages that advertise guns, bombs, explosives, drugs, fake money, or receipts; sending messages that publish false contest winnings' information, false marriage agent details or job vacancies, or solicit people to engage in prostitution; and sending messages that interrupt people's normal lives or break the nation's laws.

Once caught, violators will have their mobile phone services stopped, their bank accounts frozen and possibly face criminal prosecution.


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