Facio Software and Digital China have signed a long-term agreement to market Facio's "Uni PushMail" service.

The first wave of Daxian CU-928 Pocket PC phones bundled with Uni PushMail software has started entering the market. Similar to the Blackberry, the "Redberry", as Uni PushMail is nicknamed, hopes to flourises in the Chinese telecom value-added service sector.

Push-based email gives users the ability to receive important emails instantaneously on a mobile device. Despite its popularity in North America and Europe, push-based email has only recently gone through adolescence in China. Facio says Uni PushMail is the first commercially available CDMA1X-based Push-Email service in China.

Daxian CU-928 is a powerful CDMA1X "PDA" handset. Running on Microsoft Windows Pocket PC operating system, CU-928 allows users to watch live-streaming TV, monitor road conditions using China Unicom's U-web service and manage office documents and personal appointments.


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