FKI Logistex has won a $40 million contract to supply the baggage handling system for the new Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2.

The FKI Logistex system, scheduled for completion in 2007, is designed to meet the growing passenger volume expected to travel through Pudong's Terminal 2, estimated at 22 million in 2010 and 40 million in 2015.

The new baggage handling system at Pudong Airport uses state-of-the-art baggage sorting technology, featuring three FKI Logistex S-3000E tilt-tray sorters, one for domestic travel and two for international, each directed by bag tag RFID barcode information.

Pudong's S-3000E sorters will also feature a manual encoding station for the review of non-readable tags. The high-capacity and flexibility of the FKI Logistex system at Pudong allows the sortation of baggage from any international check-in to any international make-up carousel and from any domestic check-in to any domestic make-up carousel.

Pudong's new FKI Logistex system also offers early bag storage, allowing bags checked in advance of flight times to be stored using take-away conveyors that route them to a special backup make-up carousel.

Terminal 2 at Pudong includes ten check-in islands, three for domestic and seven for international, and a total of 352 check-in locations. From each island, two take-away conveyors transport the baggage to the baggage sortation hall. Baggage is then screened in the existing Terminal 1.

Terminal 2's arrival area features 20 international-to-domestic and 20 domestic-to-international recheck-ins, as well as special check-in lines and out-of-gauge check-in lines. Domestic-to-domestic and international-to-international baggage transfer is designed for manual induction into the S-3000E sorters. The arrival system consists of seven domestic and twelve international claims carousels with connecting conveyor lines.

Shanghai Pudong Airport's new baggage handling system is controlled by an advanced FKI Logistex high-level controls system, built from field-tested and proven modules of the FKI Logistex Software Suite. The control room is equipped with a large video wall to assure SCADA operators have a maximum overview of the entire facility. This together with the control system's alarms and diagnostics lets operators and maintenance personnel react quickly to any system discrepancy.

The controls system consists of 8 servers, 15 workstations, and approximately 45 PLCs, and is installed on fully redundant hardware platforms over a high-performing GHz network. The controls feature immediate and bumpless automatic takeover of backup systems in case a server or network node breaks down.

FKI Logistex is a leading international supplier of baggage handling and sortation systems in Asia, with installations in Bangkok, Manila, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Hanoi. FKI Logistex recently completed the baggage handling installation at the new Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China, and will soon complete the system for the new Changi International Airport in Singapore.


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