Avanquest Software, a developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, today announced an agreement to provide its Mobile PhoneTools PC-Cellular convergence software to Haier Telecom Co. Ltd., one of China's leading manufacturers of GSM and CDMA phones.

Under the agreement, Mobile PhoneTools will be bundled with Haier handsets sold in China and other countries, beginning with Haier's T3000 Tri-band GSM flip-phone. Haier will provide an all-inclusive package consisting of Mobile PhoneTools and a USB cable, making it easy for cellular subscribers with Haier devices to synchronise data between their handsets and personal computers in addition to personalising their phones.

Avanquest's Mobile PhoneTools lets mobile devices "talk" to PCs, greatly expanding the capabilities of both. By easily sharing data between the mobile phone and PC, the software enables users to ensure contact information and calendars are synchronised and to use the PC to create and edit content for downloading to the device.

Mobile PhoneTools also enables any cellular phone or Web-enabled mobile device to function as a modem for a user's laptop, ensuring Internet access will be available to power users virtually anywhere.


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