NCR's (NCR) division Teradata says that Zhejiang Telecom has deployed the Teradata Warehouse for development of an operational analysis and decision support system.

The system will offer a customer-centric view of the business by integrating data of more than 20 million subscribers in the Zhejiang province. The move supports Zhejiang Telecom's business plan to shift its emphasis from acquiring new customers to increasing the profitability of existing customers.

Zhejiang is a fast-developing province in China, and Zhejiang Telecom's business has undergone equally rapid growth. Offering fixed-line, Personal Handyphone System and broadband services, Zhejiang Telecom has become a leader in China's telecommunications market. It has branches in 11 cities and 62 counties within the Zhejiang province, serving a customer base that reached 20 million in May 2005.

Due to fierce competition in recent years, Zhejiang Telecom decided to strengthen its information technology infrastructure to improve the efficiency of operations and business decision-making. The company needed a powerful solution that can integrate and manage province-wide customer data as well as provide business intelligence that supports enterprise decision-making and marketing activities.

After careful evaluation, Zhejiang Telecom selected the Teradata Warehouse and Teradata Warehouse Miner solution as the foundation of its operational analysis and decision support system. This made Zhejiang Telecom the first provincial company of China Telecom Corp. Ltd to adopt an enterprise data warehouse solution.

The Teradata Warehouse enables Zhejiang Telecom for the first time to integrate data from 77 source systems on 11 local networks, as well as six provincial-level source systems within the organization. It ensures automation and central management of data extract, transform and load (ETL). This integration of provincial-wide data will offer powerful support for management and marketing in Zhejiang Telecom. Cross-selling, churn detection and customer segmentation can be realized with its data mining capability. The Teradata Warehouse also supports several other projects, including marketing re-engineering and public phone analysis, that will improve the organization's efficiency and its bottom line.

The Zhejiang Telecom project successfully completed its preliminary user acceptance test in June 2005. The initial installation is expected to be completed by the end of this year.


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