Epson Hong Kong announced that the Epson Stylus C67 had become the first ever product to be awarded the Hong Kong Green Label in the Inkjet and Laser printer product category.

The award was presented at the Green Council's fifth anniversary reception on December 9.

With a corporate-wide focus on environmental issues, Epson incorporates a number of environmental measures into the design of its products. The Epson Stylus C67 was recognized by the Hong Kong Green Council for its recycle-friendly design, its low energy consumption, and for the successful efforts to remove substances such as lead and cadmium from its plastic parts.

At the same reception, Epson Hong Kong Ltd. was awarded for its role as a green pioneer continuously supporting environmental education for the past five years.

Epson Hong Kong and the Green Council have worked closely on meaningful activities such as the Epson Green Carnival, which attracted the participation of more than 20,000 students and their families therefore heightening environmental awareness in the community.


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