ProDesign, a supplier of high-speed ASIC and SoC verification platforms, announced that Eastwell Technologies will be the distribution partner for the company's CHIPit line of high speed ASIC prototyping and emulation system in China.

"ProDesign gets more and more requests from customers in China and we see that the Chinese electronic development market is nearly exploding. To take care of this new market and its customers in the best way, we have been searching for a partner with strong experience in the distribution of EDA products and who understands the market of verification tools," stated Gunnar Scholl, Director Marketing and Business Development of ProDesign. "With Eastwell, which has also been the distributor for Mentor Graphics several years, we found the right partner with a lot of experience in the EDA market. We are quite impressed with Eastwell's professionalism and their extreme technical and sales competence. We are very enthusiastic about our new partnership with Eastwell, and anticipate it will be a long and successful relationship."

Eastwell's founding member and CEO, Michael Xie, explained, "We are very impressed with ProDesigns success in Europe and North America over the last year. The demand for high speed hardware assisted verification solutions for complex ASIC and SoC design is growing throughout China. With CHIPit, ProDesign offers the fastest multiple FPGA ASIC Prototyping solution on the market and meets China's design verification and software validation needs, especially for telecommunication and multimedia applications, where you have to verify your design in highest speed. With ProDesign's expertise in complex board design, the CHIPit products offer high quality reliable solutions for FPGA based prototyping systems. We are all very excited to promote and distribute CHIPit in China and we have confidence in ProDesign's team and CHIPit to be successful in the Chinese market."


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