Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NCR), the leader in enterprise data warehousing solutions, announced that the Shanghai Stock Exchange has selected Teradata for the second phase of its enterprise data warehouse project.

After successfully working with Teradata to complete the first phase of its operational data store consolidation, SSE is working with Teradata to build an enterprise-wide decision-support system based upon the Teradata Warehouse.

The project, a Dimension Data Store for application analysis and data warehouse management, began in 2004 and is on track to be completed by end of this year. At the conclusion of the second phase of the project, SSE will be able to increase its information sharing, improve operational efficiency and provide value-added services through a unified platform.

"Building the enterprise data warehouse is the first step. Our ultimate goal is to utilize the Teradata Warehouse platform to develop more products, reduce operational risks, improve our monitoring capability and continuously provide additional information services," said Bai Shuo, chief technology officer, Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The outcome of the project's second phase will be a single view of the enterprise, advanced metadata management and application, a complete data warehouse management architecture, and structured and nonstructured data application.

With the implemented data mining solution on top of the data warehouse, SSE is expecting to improve its information technology, decision support, market monitoring and its ability to serve customers, which in turn will help with product innovation. As one of SSE's three major projects, the enterprise data warehouse will integrate with the next generation of securities trading systems, new Web sites, a third-generation surveillance system and other systems to form a new information technology infrastructure.

Since its inception in 1990, the SSE has accumulated valuable historical data including the transaction data for financial products such as stocks, funds, bonds and other stock market-related information. With the completion of phase one, all historical and operational data was stored in the Teradata Warehouse, providing a centralized platform, an open interface to other systems and easy query access to the data.

Simon Yang, general manager of Teradata's Center of Expertise and strategic partnerships for the Greater China Area, said, "The completion of Shanghai Stock Exchange's enterprise data warehouse will not only provide decision-support capability to the securities compliance department, but also will provide efficient monitoring and management services for the China Securities Regulatory Commission, as well as help the development of China's stock market."


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