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SMIC Adopts Simulator For Analog Circuits

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMI) and Mentor Graphics Corporation (MENT) announced that SMIC has adopted Mentor's Eldo simulation tool as an internal SPICE simulator for analog circuits.

SMIC fully supports Mentor's Eldo based on its proven performance and convergence capabilities.

In addition to 0.18-micron, SMIC will now provide Eldo device models on SMIC's 0.13-micron and smaller process technologies aimed at satisfying the design needs of Mentor's and SMIC's mutual customers.

"SMIC conducted comprehensive evaluations of Mentor's Eldo capabilities, and the extensive results demonstrated that it is an ideal simulation tool for our technologies," said Paul OuYang, vice president of Design Services at SMIC. "Eldo now forms part of our sign-off tools for designs targeting 0.13-micron and below processes."

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