PacificNet's (PACT.PK) subsidiary Guangzhou 3G has partnered with Chinese Entertainment International (CEI) to launch the iPACT Mobile Video Services.

The iPACT Mobile Video Services will allow subscribers to use SMS, MMS, WAP and IVR to submit a request and receive mobile video by downloading or watching live via mobile WAP services. The video content includes movies, preview trailers, film clips, music and sound tracks, posters and casting photos. Subscribers can even pick and choose their favorite movie scenarios and alternative endings on demand.

Subscribers can save their favorite dialogues, song and sound effects as ring-tones or CRBT in their mobile phones.

Under the iPACT program, PacificNet will provide all of the hardware, software, application, and content for VAS including a variety of IVR and other wireless and fixed-line VAS content to qualified VAS-Alliance partners on a profit sharing basis.

With the anticipated launch of 3G services in China, mobile video is widely recognized by mobile operators, value-added service providers and mobile device manufacturers to drive new mobile revenue growth. According to industry research, China's mobile phone video subscribers are expected to reach 66 million by 2008 with a market size of CNY 1.2 billion, and 195 million subscribers by 2010 with a market size of CNY 4.9 billion.


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