AsiaInfo (ASIA) has successfully completed China's first metadata management platform in support of Hubei Mobile's Business Intelligence System Phase II expansion project.

The metadata management platform constructed using AsiaInfo's proprietary AIOpenBI-MDM software solution unifies data management across Hubei Mobile's Business Intelligence (BI) system, helping to reduce costs and improve working efficiency.

China Mobile chose Hubei and Jilin as pilot provinces for the implementation of metadata management platforms, which simplify the management of data across multiple data warehouses. Following a strict selection process,

AsiaInfo was selected as Hubei Mobile's partner for this project.

Steve Zhang, President and Chief Executive Officer of AsiaInfo, said, "We are proud that AsiaInfo was chosen by China Mobile to construct China's first metadata management platform. This platform meets international standards for metadata management and will bring significant benefits to Hubei Mobile's operations."

AsiaInfo's internally developed AIOpenBI-MDM software solution supports construction of metadata management platforms in accordance with the international CWM standard for unified management of varied data across all sections of BI systems.


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