Anti-spam and anti-virus software company Sophos has published its latest report on the top twelve spam relaying countries for the last quarter of 2005.

Sophos scanned all spam messages received in its global network of spam traps, and have revealed that although the United States still tops the chart, it has made significant reductions, and for the first time accounts for less than one quarter of all spam relayed. China ranks second on the list.

Sophos finds that the level of non-English language spam continues to increase. In addition, the vast majority of spam is now being relayed by 'zombie' computers hijacked by Trojan horses, worms and viruses under the control of hackers.

The top twelve spam relaying regions are as follows:

1. United States: 24.5 %

2. China (inc Hong Kong): 22.3 %

3. South Korea: 9.7 %

4. France: 5.0 %

5. Canada: 3.0 %

6. Brazil: 2.6 %

7. Spain: 2.5 %

8. Austria: 2.4 %

9. Taiwan: 2.1 %

10. Poland: 2.0 %

10. Japan: 2.0 %

12. Germany : 1.8 %

Others: 20.3 %

The amount of spam relayed by South Korean computers has fallen substantially to 9.7%, meaning that it has been overtaken by China, which moves into second place behind the United States. The United Kingdom, responsible for relaying 1.6% of spam, has managed to slip off the dirty dozen altogether, and is currently in 14th position.


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