Public security bureaus in five Chinese provinces have between them ordered 2,000 image capturing systems for use in the nation's second-generation identification card project.

The systems, which can take, archive and print photographs of citizens, are to be supplied by China-Vision Intelligent Card Reader Company in a deal worth approximately US$3.7 million.

China-Vision is a developer and manufacturer of RFID and contactless smart card readers and is one of 13 manufacturers certified by China's Public Security Bureau (PSB) to provide image capturing equipment for the nation's second-generation identification card.

The equipment is to be delivered and installed at designated sites in the provinces of Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Sichuan and Zhejiang by the end of March 2006.

China-Vision has already signed smart card reader distribution agreements within 18 provinces and cities in China and aims to expand its reach into other provinces.

Chinese officials expect to issue approximately 800 million of the second generation ID cards by 2008.


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