Experts from the telecom research institute of the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) have disclosed the latest progress made on creating standards for IPTV.

Yang Kun, an expert from MII, says the special team has set three IPTV principles: to give full consideration to concerned parties' opinions on IPTV; to study the standards in proper sequence and give attention to the possible needs of developing any additional services in the future; and to set foot in the domestic market before considering internationalization.

Yang also says it is vital for China to carry out IPTV standardization that is suitable to the country's own national situation. He says China should not try to follow the examples set by international standards organizations, because often those international standards do not reflect a true situation within China.

By raising the three principles, the Chinese government's intention is neither have Chinese IPTV standards submit to a foreign one, nor to have it monopolized by a single party within the domestic market.



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