The Industrial and Commercial Department of Beijing's Chaoyang District has closed down five online shopping websites that were involved in in illegal operations.

The five sites are,,,,

All the five websites adopted "payment before goods delivery" policies, used false office addresses and fake mobile phone numbers, instead of fixed-line numbers. Some of them even used the logo of the Industrial and Commercial Department without its approval and operated without a legal license.

The Department is reminding consumers to choose only legal websites for online shopping and to check whether the logo of the Industrial and Commercial Department is accessible and whether the service provider is duly registered before using their service.


  1. Can you please check this website and address? I think this is another typical chinese fake website and address.

    Full Name: Ke (first name) Guo (last name)
    Address: Room 7111-7118, B5 Building, ZhongGuanCun, HaiDian District
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

  2. This is another scammer website. Do not deal with them. They only accept western union and wire transfer:

    Hopefully Beijing police could do something about it.

  3. ?s tis real is it an problem
    The write me yesterday and they write more something must >I beliee them or not=? plese help me!!! Thax

  4. i have been coned a lot of by these people they call themself
    address room 216,zhongguancun mansion Hai dian district sipcode 10021, they have disappeared with my childrens christmas money, and i have just found out they have open another website called okvshop.the first girls name is jenny now she call herself cindy please help.

  5. so sad. now i realize that i also have been scammed with After i transferred the money they disappeared and didnt response all my emails. I have been transferred 430euros for two units of iphone then 3 days later jenny said to me that i need to transfer another 180euros for the items that have been detained in costum in china. After i have transferred the 180euros amount balance, she┬┤s gone and never replied anymore. Someone please help me how to back the money that i have been transferred. Thanks a lot.

  6. I was also been stolen by pecshop, I bought a cellphone, sent them the money, than she asked me for more money for the costum, and never received the Item.

  7. I am a Turkish businessman but the chinese scammers cheated me they were
    I sent money to name:XUELI surname:ZHANG zhongguancun street beijing china postal code:100080 via WESTERN UNION to bank of china account

  8. i purchased 5 cellphones from a company in beijing the name is can you check this company for me,because now they say i need to send more money for custom fees.i did a bank transfer to last name is Ming,first name is Li the bank of china.

  9. same problem rick. is a fraud. purchased electronics, did not send anything, answers email until they receive money. they are frauds. purchased 06.01.08


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