Ross Systems, a subsidiary of CDC Corporation (CHINA), has released RFID-to-Go, which gives companies the ability to rapidly meet RFID compliance requirements with their major retailer partners and address critical business objectives like improved product traceability and real-time inventory visibility.

RFID-to-Go is a flexible and scalable solution designed for process manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and other consumer products industries.

An Electronic Product Code (EPC)-compliant addition to the Ross ERP (enterprise resource planning) and Ross SCM (supply chain management) product suite, RFID-to-Go helps companies meet retailer, Food and Drug Administration and Department of Defense compliance mandates — a key influencing factor for process manufacturers deploying RFID technology — while improving their tracking and tracing capabilities.

Embracing these objectives and exemplifying the success of RFID-to-Go, one Ross customer, a leading health and beauty care company, recently met Wal-Mart's RFID mandate requiring it to include electronic product codes on all pallets and cases. Tightly integrated with the customer's business processes and back-end systems, RFID-to-Go was quickly deployed, enabling the organization to maintain its high levels of distribution efficiencies.

To deliver this solution to process manufacturers worldwide, Ross formed a strategic alliance with GlobeRanger, a leading provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based software solutions. Through this strategic partnership, Ross will leverage GlobeRanger's iMotion Edgeware platform to deliver its RFID-to-Go solution to process manufacturers worldwide.

"With RFID-to-Go, we're providing the marketplace with a practical RFID solution that extends the benefits of the Ross ERP and SCM offerings," said Eric Musser, chief technology officer of Ross Systems. "Not only does RFID-to-Go make it easy for process manufacturers to comply with RFID compliance requirements, it improves supply chain visibility by leveraging EPC data to improve inventory management and increase sales. The results have been significant and evident upon implementation."


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