Xi Guohua, deputy minister from the Ministry of Information Industry (MII), says that this year MII will actively urge telecom operators to provide a monthly calling log for consumers.

Consumers often complain when paying their monthly bills that they do not have ready access to a list of all the calls for the month. Without the list, it is difficult for consumers to challenge erroneous fees and charges.

Xi says that all telecommunications operators already have the correct equipment to provide the logs, and he will soon issue a definite schedule as to when this can be done.

Beijing Telecom has already begun to offer the call logs to its users. Users can get a copy of the phone call list by bringing their ID card and a USB-enabled storage disk to the business services counter at Beijing Telecom's branches.

Shanghai Telecom, which has more than 8 million fixed phone users, says it has no detailed plan yet for when this service can be launched because though it has the correct equipment, it will take time to finalize the standards and procedures.


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