Google China has announced that it has renewed its previous contract signed in January 2007 with China Mobile to continue to provide mobile search support to China Mobile's Monternet.

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, vice president of Google Worldwide and president of Google Greater China, says that mobile search has been one of the strategic focuses of Google China and the next goal of Google China is to make Google's handset-based mobile search service exceed the PC-based Internet search service.

Lee says Google China started to implant Internet services in mobile phones three years ago. In 2009, the issuing of the 3G licenses in China makes mobile search a development focus of the industry. Depending on its own technologies, Google hopes to provide advanced mobile search technologies and services to Chinese netizens. At the same time, Google will enhance cooperation with major Chinese local companies to lead the development of China's mobile search industry.

Meanwhile, Google China achieved cooperation with Chinese Web portal to provide Google's mobile search technologies to the company's mobile platform. According to Google China, the company currently provides mobile search technologies to companies such as China Mobile,, Tencent, and


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