China Mobile's (CHL) 2005 annual financial results were reported today and show an operating revenue of CNY243,041 million, representing an increase of 26.3% from previous year.

EBITDA reached CNY133,338 million, representing an increase of 24.8% from previous year. Profit attributable to shareholders reached CNY53,549 million, representing an increase of 28.3% from previous year.

EBITDA margin and net profit margin maintained at a relatively high level, reaching 54.9% and 22.0% respectively. Basic earnings per share reached CNY2.71, representing an increase of 27.8% from previous year.

Looking to the future, chairman of the company Wang Jianzhou pointed out in a press release that great potential for development still exists in the mobile telecommunications market in Mainland China. As market competition continues and market regulation increases, competition will become more rational. With the maturing of mainstream Third Generation Mobile Communication (3G) technology and products and the issuing of 3G licences in Mainland China, the company will face great opportunities and challenges at the same time.


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