Local Chinese media report that the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) is likely to work out a measure to reduce the high mobile phone calling fees that have been the root of many complaints from Beijing consumers.

Beijing's mobile phone calling fee is currently higher than the average level around the country.

According to Wang Xueqing from the National Development and Reform Commission, there are three reasons for the high price in Beijing. First, as the capital of the country it is under strict supervision, so the operators dare not lower the prices on their own. Second, the income level of Beijing citizens is relatively higher than the rest of the country. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the operators do not want to reduce the fees.

Experts quoted in local media also believe the mobile phone fee is too high in Beijing and they suggest that a public hearing be introduced to set a fair price.

The two mobile service operators of the city, Beijing Mobile and Beijing Unicom, say that it is up to the government, rather than the operators themselves, to decide whether to adjust the telecom price.


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