After last year discarding its cluttered portal homepage for a more streamlined interface that only emphasized its search engine, Yahoo (YHOO) China has now re-added all the clutter back to its homepage.

The front page of has more functions and links to news buried deep within the site. It looks more like its American counterpart at and less like its previous incarnation that looked like Google's homepage.

Tian Jian, executive general manager of Yahoo China, explains that unlike their American counterparts, Chinese netizens prefer lots of content to be included on the website.

Mao Xin, director the Website Operation Department of Yahoo China, has told local media that the company will launch three vertical search features focusing on information, entertainment and life in the coming weeks.

Analysts quoted in local media say that Yahoo China is undergoing these changes to gain back users it has lost as a result of its last appearance shift after being acquired by


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