New Medium Enterprises says that further to its pending merger with E-World, it has entered into agreements with other partners to enhance its current business in the current three strategic areas of consumer electronics, optical media and high definition content.

These joint ventures will give NME the required infrastructure and capability to meet its demand for its high definition products including content for China and South East Asia.

"NME's China strategy is to give us the much required supply capability to meet our global demand for our products and also to cater to the burgeoning domestic market in China. The Chinese appetite for high end consumer electronics and local film content is incredible. China film industry is the fastest growing media industry in the world and we want to be part of it in HD," commented the CEO, Mahesh Jayanarayan.

The joint ventures will create three new joint venture companies – NME China Electronics, NME China Optics and NME China Media The three J.V. companies will be with local partners. Investments into the J.V.s will be contributed by all parties.


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