Oracle's sensor-based RFID solution has successfully passed relevant Chinese tests and evaluations and now can support the RFID reader Vision R9100 produced by Beijing Vision Electronics.

This marks the first successful connection between Oracle's RFID solution and Chinese local RFID products.

Oracle China says it has developed a driver for the Vision R9100 RFID reader, and made it possible to link it with Oracle Sensor Edge Server for automatically collecting data.

Zhang Gejun, general manager of Beijing Vision, says that the cooperation with Oracle is of great significance to his company because it not only helps them acquire valuable experience from a renowned IT company, but also exposes them to the international market.

Oracle has two development centers in China, located in Shenzhen and Beijing.

Pascal Sero from Oracle China says that his company will make full use of the great potential in the Chinese market and is willing to cooperate with advanced local RFID manufacturers like Beijing Vision. Pascal also disclosed that Oracle China is carrying on research for RFID applications in the logistics field in cooperation with Zhongshan University's Lingnan Institute.


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