A government sanctioned work team consisted of members from the anti-pornography department and netcafe management department in Beijing has initiated a 90-day special action in an effort to straighten out the netcafe market and improve their long-term management mechanism in the city.

The group plans to carry out the action in three periods. In the first period that lasts 20 days, the team will focus on checking and educating the netcafes. In the second phase of 48 days, they will work on improving their long-term management mechanisms. And in the final 22 days they will appraise the evaluation process.

In order to limit the admission of teenagers, they will force the netcafes to suspend operations for a period of 15 days once they are found to accept too many teenagers.

They will also require netcafes to record the valid government-issued ID data of their users. The team says it will publish the names of the illegal netcafes periodically to the public and at the same time open a 24-hour hotline for the public to report any cafes that accept teenagers.

Cai Puchao from the Beijing Municipal Publicity Department emphasizes that the significance of this action should be fully recognized by the society and a long term mechanism should be formed to solidify the effect.


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