Shenzhen Metropolis Search has reached an agreement with (GOOG) to become the global search engine's eighth agent in China.

Under the agreement, Shenzhen Metropolis Search is authorized by to sell Google AdWords service in Shenzhen and Shantou area in China's southern Guangdong Province. Shenzhen Metropolis Search was set up in 2005.

Zhou Shaoning, who is responsible for the Chinese sales and service development for, says that plans to provide professional and practical network promotion service for Chinese domestic companies, particularly medium and small enterprises through its agent system. At the same time, it will train these agents to help enterprises achieve better ad effect.

The other seven sales agents of in China include Zhong Qi Dong Li, Zhong Zi Yuan, Shanghai Hotsales, Guangdong Mobile Age, Beijing Zibolan, Hangzhou Wangtong Hulian Technology Company and Suzhou Huanyu Network Media Company.


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