Effective today, China Netcom says Dr. Edward Tian, Vice Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of the company, will resign as CEO. Zuo Xunsheng, who is currently COO, will replace Dr. Tian as CEO and serve as an Executive Director on the Board of Directors.

Dr. Tian will continue to serve China Netcom as Vice Chairman and Non-executive Director.

Zuo has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of China Netcom since July 2004. He has also served as Vice President of China Netcom Group, the holding company of China Netcom.

Prior to joining the Company, Zuo was President of Shandong Telecommunications Company, Director of the Bureau of Telecommunications of Jinan City.

Commenting on Dr. Tian's resignation as CEO, China Netcom Chairman Zhang Chunjiang said: "During his service as CEO of the Company, Dr. Tian helped China Netcom achieve stable growth in a highly competitive market. Under his watch, China Netcom restructured and conducted a successful initial public offering (IPO), and laid a solid foundation for the Company's long term-growth. On behalf of the Board of Directors and China Netcom, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Tian for his excellent contribution."


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