Five companies in China have been approved by the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) to run trans-regional telecom value-added services and six others have been approved to alter the information on their licenses.

The five companies that received the trans-regional licenses are Beijing Shi Dai Hong Tu Technology Company, Guangdong Yijun Computer System Company, Jiangsu Yikeda Technology Company, Beijing Lianwu Interactive Technology Development Company, and Shanghai Zhangsheng Information Technology Company.

The six enterprises that have been approved to alter their telecom service operation license include Beijing Yingke Bicheng Technology Company, Beijing Quantiantong Information Consulting Service Company, Beijing Tengruiming Information Technology Company, Beijing Alida High-tech Company, Beijing Shenzhou Zhangxun Information Technology Company and Shenzhen Chuangtu Technology Company.

These first five have been approved to change the registration address on the licenses, and the last one will change their legal representative on its qualification certificate.


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