Redback Networks (RBAK) has announced that Guangdong Telecom has selected Redback's SmartEdge family of routers to expand their consumer and business broadband network for next generation data, voice and video offerings including IP television (IPTV).

Guangdong Telecom currently serves over three million subscribers across the province and the SmartEdge routers will be deployed in the top three cities, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Guangdong Telecom plans to use Redback's SmartEdge routers to service-enable its existing xDSL and Ethernet access networks.

By providing a centralized service control point, Guangdong Telecom is able to offer the same advanced next generation services to all their customers regardless of the access technology being used.

In addition, the innovative service architecture is expected to reduce operations expenses by simplifying the network architecture and consolidating both business and consumer services onto a single network.

SmartEdge routers are expected to be deployed at the network edge, aggregating all the broadband service traffic and directly connecting to the core network.


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