Rising Micro Electronics announced that it has successfully developed China's first commercially available Radio Frequency (RF) transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA wireless handsets using Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18um SiGe BiCMOS design platform.

Rising's WCDMA RF transceiver chipset includes the zero IF receiver chip (RS1007W) and transmitter chip (RS1007RF), designed using Rising's intellectual property.

With the announcement of Rising's WCDMA chipset, it becomes one of the first design companies in China to demonstrate the capability of carrying out the complicated research and development work required for high-end 3G RF transceiver chip designs, closing the gap in high-end communication chip design between China and other countries.

The RS1007W uses advanced zero IF architecture, and integrates an LNA, mixer (downconverter), AGC, LPF, Delta Sigma fractional N PLL, VCO, DC offset calibration circuit, RC calibration circuit and I/Q imbalance calibration circuit.

The RS1007RF integrates a low pass filter with DC offset calibration, mixer (upconverter), VGA, Delta Sigma fractional N PLL, VCO and RC auto calibration circuit. It is highly integrated with low power consumption and a high price/performance ratio. Both chips are available in a 5x5mm QFN28 package.


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