Up to 100 shopkeepers who use Taobao.com in Chongqing have signed a petition against Zhao Cai Jin Bao, a new service launched by Taobao.com earlier this month.

The group accuse Taobao.com of charging hidden fees and they say they will jointly boycott Taobao.com if the company does not remove the service by June 1.

Wang Xianbiao, the initiator of the petition, tells local media that the group may turn to other online auction sites if Taobao fails to cancel the service.

Taobao.com representatives say they will not cancel the service. Zhao Cai Jin Bao is a value-added service launched by Taobao.com on May 10. With this service, shopkeepers can have their goods appear in prominent positions on Taobao.com after they pay a fee.

China's online auction website Alibaba.com owns Taobao.com.


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