5fad.com, large music website in China, has brought Sina.com (SINA), Yahoo (YHOO) China and Baidu (BIDU) to court, accusing them of violating the copyright of one of its online songs and claimed compensation of as much as CNY15 million.

5fad.com says that without its permission, Sina.com has posted a song named "Xia Bei Zi Bu Yao Zuo Nan Ren", which was only one word different from the song "Xia Bei Zi Bu Zuo Nan Ren" sung by one of its signed singers, on Sina's website for users to download without its permission.

5fad.com says Yahoo China and Baidu are also involved in similar infringements.

The case is being processed at a Beijing court and a decision will probably be reached in three months.


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