Wang Yangyuan, an academician from the China Academy of Sciences and president of Peking University's Microelectronics Research Institution, says that China will arrange a national integrated circuit research and development center, which is expected to help the country seize 15% of the global IC product sales market by 2020.

The new IC R&D Center will serve as an engine to push forward the development of China's IC industry. It will consist of a lab of about 5000 square meters, a 12-inch nm level IC developing line and a research and a development lab equipped with new devices and materials

Wang believes that a pre-production alliance should be set up before the IC R&D Center is put into operation, which shall be jointly invested by the State, local government, businesses and individual investors from home and abroad.

China Academy of Sciences says by 2010, China will be a large global IC manufacturer whose sales volume shall account for 35% of the domestic market and 10% on the global market share.


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