The Music Copyright Society of China said at a press conference that the activity it launched in June 2008, aiming to call for suspension of advertising on Chinese search engine Baidu, has gained some success and some brands, including LG, said they currently would not put advertisements on Chinese search engine Baidu (BIDU).

According to a representative from the Music Copyright Society of China, LG stated to local media that before the dispute between R2G, a Chinese copyright agency that focuses on the protection of digital music copyright, and Baidu was settled, the company would stop doing advertising on from August 1, 2008. As a major customer for Internet companies, the annual advertising costs of LG run into the tens of millions of yuan. At the same time, other advertisers say they are waiting for the decision of the court to decide whether to continue the advertising cooperation with Baidu. So far,'s advertising customers include Huiyuan Juice, Philips, Tencent and Kingsoft.

The "Refuse to do advertising on Baidu" activity was jointly launched by the Music Copyright Society of China and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry in June 2008 and had participation from major music companies, including Universal Music, Warner Music, Linfair Records and Taihe Rye Music.

In February 2008, R2G and the Music Copyright Society of China jointly started a fight against Baidu, declaring that they would not negotiate with Baidu in any way before the website stopped its infringing activities. Later, major music copyright agencies, including IFPI, Universal Music, Warner Music and Sony BMG sued Baidu.


  1. I am writing to you on behalf of Baidu. I refer to your posting from September 29, 2008 where you state that LG reportedly told MCSC that the company has stopped advertising on LG has been and continues to be a client of Baidu. LG continues to work with Baidu through several of Baidu's online platforms.

    It is our understanding that LG received a fax from MCSC requesting they refrain from advertising on Baidu's MP3 Channel. LG has responded to the effect that they will continue to consider advertising on pages with authorized copy-righted content when making their ad placement. Subsequent to this, there is no strategy change
    for LG's ads purchase on Baidu.

    I would appreciate an response indicating that you have clarified your posting with the facts.

    Helen Plummer
    Ogilvy Financial

  2. @Helen,
    Being from Ogilvy Financial, you seem to be representing Baidu, and don't seem to be privy to LG's advertising strategy or authorised to speak on behalf of LG. LG has categorically stated that it will refrain from advertising on – and this has been promptly reported here. Even the statement that "LG has responded to the effect that they will continue to consider advertising on pages with authorized copy-righted content when making their ad placement" confirms LG's reported policy as Baidu's mp3 search is not exactly a model of "authorized copyrighted content", is it?


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