Turbolinux has announced the deployment of Turbolinux products to build a reliable, high-quality platform for the Luggage and Parcel E-Government System for Qingzang Railway, and the adoption of Turbolinux server products for China Mobile Wireless Music Portal.

The products to be launched for Qingzang Railway are Turbolinux Server OS and a high-availability cluster solution, Turbo HA, to provide an open and complete computing system platform solution. The hardware consists of an IBM server based on Intel Xeon Processor and IBM storage system.

Qingzang Railway is located at an altitude of 4,500 meters and is part of the China Western Development strategy. The complete Turbolinux system is maintenance-free with automatic management, and features minimum running time, high-reliability and availability, ensuring uninterrupted 7/24 hour operations as required by the Qingzang Railway Luggage and Parcel system. To meet its requirements, Qingzang Railway selected Turbolinux to develop a consolidated digital infrastructure and operation management system. The operation will begin July 1.

For China Mobile Wireless Music Portal, Turbolinux launched Turbolinux OS, known for its large-scale access and high load generation, Turbolinux HA, and a load balancing cluster solution, Turbolinux Cluster Software, with an IBM server based on Intel Xeon Processor that supports between eight and 16 CPUs. The launch is just in time for the 2006 Chinese New Year Spring Festival produced by China Central Television.

"These projects demonstrate an important market expansion for Turbolinux," said Koichi Yano, CEO and President of Turbolinux, Inc. "We are committed to continuing to provide state-of-the-art Linux operating systems in China."

This year, the Festival will provide CRBT (Color Ring Back Tone) service to enable the audience to download the performances. CCTV selected China Mobile to handle this service. Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is a personalized mobile music service that enables the caller to hear songs or other sound clips rather than the traditional switchboard ring tone. Festival goers can also send and receive short messages, color pictures, animations and WAP services.


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