Xinhua has announced that after an extensive check of the game publishing and software market, the General Administration of Press and Publications of China has banned 50 illegal games and publications.

The games include popular titles like Titan, Sims 2, Battlefield: Vietnam, Manhunt, Painkiller, and FIFA 2005. Pirated software account for 26 of these games.

Companies like Beijing Yinguan Electronic Publications Co., Ltd, and Jilin Acoustics and Video have been fingered for their involvement in publishing, counterfeiting or selling the above publications.

The General Administration of Press and Publications is dealing with related issues, and they are asking the concerned government departments at various levels to have a thorough examination of local e-publications and software markets. Local governments are urged to confiscate any of the banned publications once they are found and severely punish those involved in publishing or selling those games.


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