Research firm Analysys says in its recently released report "China Search Engine Market Quarterly Tracker Q1 2006", that China's search engine market reached CNY303 million in the first quarter of 2006, among which 91.42% was brought by search engine portals and 8.58% was brought by affiliate websites from search engine alliances.

Revenues of search engine channels reached CNY135 million.

According to the report, excluding channel revenues, revenues from Pay per Click Search Engine Bidding reached CNY 175 million in the first quarter of 2006; revenues from fixed search engine ranking reached CNY 9 million; and revenues from real-name keyword advertising service reached CNY 120 million.

In terms of search engine providers' market share, Baidu occupied a dominant market share of 43.9% in China, followed by Yahoo China 21.1%, Google 13.2% and Sohu 9.2%.

Analysys says Google has advantages on multi-language advertising, which are favoured by international trade advertisers who

centralize in the coastal regions in China. In Northeast China and Northern China regions, Baidu is more favoured by online marketing advertisers. Real- name keyword advertising service has undergone negative growth.


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