In response to an article in Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper, Apple Computer says it is committed to ensuring that working conditions in its China factories are up to international standards.

The newspaper's article said that workers in Chinese factories that produce the popular iPod are poorly paid and not allowed access to outsiders. The factories are not directly owned by Apple, but are instead run by Foxconn.

In response to the article's insinuations, Apple says it, "does not tolerate any violations of its supplier code of conduct which are posted online."

"This Supplier Code of Conduct goes further, drawing upon internationally recognized standards, in order to advance social and environmental responsibility. Apple requires that its first tier suppliers implement this Code using the management systems described below," the company's statement to media reads.


  1. I agree with this article, but feel as if there is no argument here. There are no facts in it really, no evidence that Apple is treating their workers badly through Foxconn. If their is evidence it should be included in the main argument. However, the article is mainly right. Apple should fix these conditions in their factories. It is immoral and inhumane not too.


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