UTStarcom (UTSI) has won a number of big orders during the Shanghai IPTV Commercial Use Network Auction.

UTStarcom signed contracts with eight of the 15 districts in Shanghai where commercially-used IPTV networks will be laid out. The total value of the contracts is estimated to be over CNY10 million.

Analysts quoted in local media say the victories are of great significance to UTStarcom, because the industry is gradually taking shape. In addition, China's new IPTV Standard will soon be announced and that will further push development within China's IPTV industry.

At present, UTStarcom holds more than 60% of the IPTV market in China. It has completed construction of IPTV systems in Harbin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Quanzhou.

Huang Xiaoqing, chief technology officer of UTStarcom, says the company may financially be in the red in the first and second quarter of this year, but the situation will turn better by the end of this year based on the signing of these new contracts.


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