China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry and the Information Office of the State Council are together promoting informationization in medium and small enterprises.

Ou Xinqian, deputy director of NSRC, says that since August 2005 when the informationization project was implemented, information technology has been well promoted at medium and small enterprises.

He says that IT service providers including China Telecom and China Netcom have made great contributions to the informationization process by inputting large sums of investment and building comprehensive information service platforms for these enterprises.

Ou added that this year NSRC will list informationization as an important part of its support to the medium and small enterprises' growth and development.

The three ministries will continue their cooperation and work on six major aspects: working out guidelines for medium and small enterprise's informationization; holding exchange activities; free training for informationization; organizing exhibitions for enterprises to exhibit their informationization achievements; holding forums; and creating surveys on informationization development.


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