Eternal Technologies, Inc. today announced details of its significant sale of lamb meat to a major distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Eternal has already slaughtered 100,000 sheep for the contract and the first batch of 1,000 tons of lamb meat will be delivered in one week. The total contract is for Eternal to deliver 2,000 tons of lamb meat this calendar year; the production will be completed by mid-December. The meat will be sold for US$2,440 per ton and will generate revenue of US$5.88 million and a net profit of US$1.6 million.

Eternal is a major agricultural genetics and biopharmaceutical R&D firm operating in China with the support of the Chinese Government. Eternal's animal breeding and human medicines divisions have a strong asset base, cash position and net income. In 2002, Eternal had $12,640,964 in revenues, gross profit of $9,888,153, net profit of $6,812,484 and a cash position of $7 million. Eternal has become one of China's leading institutions for biopharmaceutical and biotech research, pure breed cultivation and breed stock production. The Company has secured a key market niche by commercializing gene engineering technologies and providing superior breeding stock, allowing China's citizens the ability to improve their living standards.


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